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Gastric and duodenal ulcer disease and infections with Helicobacter pylori in the light of our own observations

Grażyna Bała, Anna Szaflarska-Szczepanik, Stanisław Zawadzki, Grażyna Mierzwa, Mieczysława Czerwionka-Szaflarska

Med Sci Monit 1997; 3(6): EP904-908

ID: 501838

Available online: 1997-11-03

Published: 1997-11-03

The aim of this study was to evaluate the incidence of chronic gastric and duodenal ulcer and the infections with Helicobacter pylori (H.p.) in children endoscopically examined in the years 1990-1996. The endoscopy of upper part of alimentary tract was performed in a total of 4302 children with the symptoms of pain ailment within abdominal cavity. The children were also diagnosed for Helicobacter pylori infection (urease test, morphological examination of segments). On the basis of the examinations, it has been proved that the incidence of chronic ulcer disease in children during the analysed period was 2.9%, duodenal ulcer was more frequent (62.1%) than gastric ulcer (37.9%) while H.p. infection was detected in 48% of analysed patients, particularly in children with chronic duodenal ulcer (81.2%).
key words: ulcer disease, children, Helicobacter pylori

Keywords: ulcer disease, children, Helicobacter pylori