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Long term results of interferon alpha treatment in children with chronic hepatitis B

Dariusz M. Lebensztejn, Maciej Kaczmarski, Maria E. Sobaniec-Łotowska

Med Sci Monit 1999; 5(6): CR1129-1133

ID: 503159

Available online: 1999-11-01

Published: 1999-11-01

The aim of the study was a long-term evaluation of therapeutic efficiency of interferon alpha (IFN alpha) in children with diagnosed chronic hepatitis B (ch B). 79 children with the clinical and histopathological diagnosis of chronic hepatitis were subject to observation. The treatment with IFN alpha was applied to 55 children with HBs and HBe antigens persisting for over 6 months. Control group was formed of 24 children who did not receive IFN alpha. 12 months after the completion of treatment with IFN, the absence of HBV DNA polymerase in blood serum was recorded in 66% patients, 53% displayed HBeAg/antiHBeAg seroconversion and 7% patients manifested HBsAg/antiHBs seroconversion. HBeAg/antiHBe seroconversion occurred in 25% children from control group. 24 months after the end of treatment course, the absence of HBe antigen was recorded in 65% patients and the absence of HBs antigen - in 11% patients. 36 months after therapy completion, these values increased to 77% and 19% children receiving IFN alpha, respectively. The recurrence of HBV antigens was not observed in any of the analysed children.

Keywords: interferon alpha, children, HBV infection, chronic hepatitis