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24 May 2021: Meta-Analysis

Relationship of Programmed Death-1 (PD-1) and Programmed Death Ligand-1 (PD-L1) Polymorphisms with Overall Cancer Susceptibility: An Updated Meta-Analysis of 28 Studies with 60 612 Subjects

Wenjing Zhang 12BCDEF , Yuxuan Song 34ABEF* , Xiangcheng Zhang 1ACEG*

DOI: 10.12659/MSM.932146

Med Sci Monit 2021; 27:e932146

Table 4 Subgroup analyses based on cancer type.

GenotypeSubgroupnContrast modelOR (95% CI)PTest for heterogeneityAnalysis model
I2 (%)P
rs10204525Esophageal cancer4A vs G1.015 (0.862–1.195)0.85977.400.004R
GA vs GG1.063 (0.796–1.419)0.67963.700.041R
AA vs GG1.122 (0.749–1.681)0.57677.700.004R
AA+GA vs GG1.068 (0.774–1.475)0.68773.500.010R
AA vs AG+GG1.030 (0.832–1.274)0.78771.900.014R
Breast cancer1A vs G0.891 (0.745–1.064)0.202..R
GA vs GG0.976 (0.640–1.488)0.910..R
AA vs GG0.834 (0.549–1.267)0.395..R
AA+GA vs GG0.898 (0.601–1.342)0.600..R
AA vs AG+GG0.851 (0.674–1.074)0.174..R
Gastric cancer1A vs G1.085 (0.871–1.351)0.021..R
GA vs GG1.417 (0.817–2.461)0.215..R
AA vs GG1.380 (0.805–2.366)0.241..R
AA+GA vs GG1.396 (0.825–2.360)0.213..R
AA vs AG+GG1.033 (0.784–1.361)0.817..R
rs2227981Breast cancer2C vs T1.219 (1.045–1.422)0.0126.700.301R
TC vs TT1.081 (0.750–1.557)0.6770.000.408R
CC vs TT1.309 (0.910–1.883)0.1470.000.975R
CC+CT vs TT1.206 (0.852–1.707)0.2910.000.750R
CC vs CT+TT1.301 (0.991–1.706)0.05849.600.159R
Ovarian cancer2C vs T0.639 (0.241–1.694)0.36894.60R
TC vs TT0.304 (0.053–1.756)0.18388.000.004R
CC vs TT0.358 (0.063–2.054)0.24988.500.003R
CC+CT vs TT0.336 (0.058–1.942)0.22389.000.003R
CC vs CT+TT0.769 (0.390–1.516)0.44982.900.015R
rs2227982Esophageal cancer4C vs T0.982 (0.914–1.056)0.62310.200.342F
TC vs TT1.095 (0.966–1.241)0.1540.000.813F
CC vs TT0.961 (0.831–1.112)0.59215.100.316F
CC+CT vs TT1.049 (0.932–1.181)0.4240.000.613F
CC vs CT+TT0.907 (0.805–1.022)0.10811.800.334F
Breast cancer2C vs T1.173 (1.040–1.322)0.0100.000.599F
TC vs TT1.012 (0.823–1.245)0.9080.000.758F
CC vs TT1.379 (1.081–1.758)0.0100.000.734F
CC+CT vs TT1.120 (0.921–1.361)0.2570.000.980F
CC vs CT+TT1.375 (1.126–1.679)0.0020.000.536F
rs2890658Non-small cell lung2A vs C0.609 (0.477–0.777)0.0005.200.304F
CA vs CC0.777 (0.252–2.398)0.6610.000.817F
AA vs CC0.465 (0.155–1.397)0.1720.000.662F
AA+AC vs CC0.503 (0.167–1.510)0.2210.000.668F
AA vs AC+CC0.589 (0.454–0.765)0.0000.000.345F
Hepato-cellular carcinoma2A vs C1.358 (1.006–1.833)0.0460.000.629F
CA vs CC1.195 (0.430–3.323)0.7330.000.380F
AA vs CC1.648 (0.612–4.436)0.3230.000.361F
AA+AC vs CC1.516 (0.566–4.065)0.4080.000.362F
AA vs AC+CC1.405 (1.002–1.970)0.0490.000.794F
rs36094323Esophageal cancer3G vs A1.036 (0.893–1.202)0.63961.800.073R
AG vs AA1.041 (0.893–1.214)0.6080.000.960F
GG vs AA0.942 (0.789–1.125)0.5100.000.436F
GG+GA vs AA1.008 (0.872–1.165)0.9170.000.720F
GG vs GA+AA1.024 (0.810–1.295)0.84368.900.040R
Ovarian cancer2G vs A0.727 (0.523–1.012)0.05964.700.092R
AG vs AA0.695 (0.538–0.897)0.0050.000.673F
GG vs AA0.615 (0.459–0.823)0.00161.800.106F
GG+GA vs AA0.666 (0.523–0.847)0.0010.000.333F
GG vs GA+AA0.689 (0.397–1.196)0.18565.900.087R
rs4143815Gastric cancer2C vs G0.708 (0.307–1.630)0.41792.90R
GC vs GG0.449 (0.185–1.089)0.07773.900.050R
CC vs GG0.498 (0.132–1.878)0.30387.000.006R
CC+CG vs GG0.473 (0.162–1.384)0.17283.800.013R
CC vs CG+GG0.815 (0.348–1.911)0.63885.200.009R
Hepato-cellular carcinoma2C vs G0.736 (0.440–1.233)0.24581.500.020R
GC vs GG0.422 (0.279–0.639)0.0000.000.795R
CC vs GG0.459 (0.213–0.991)0.04763.500.098R
CC+CG vs GG0.425 (0.288–0.628)0.0000.000.353R
CC vs CG+GG0.864 (0.405–1.844)0.70681.000.022R
rs7421861Esophageal cancer4T vs C1.000 (0.784–1.276)0.99987.00R
TC vs CC1.179 (0.995–1.396)0.0570.000.770F
TT vs CC1.133 (0.760–1.689)0.54161.000.053R
TT+CT vs CC1.169 (0.995–1.374)0.05830.000.232F
TT vs CT+CC0.984 (0.735–1.317)0.91383.000.001R
Breast cancer2T vs C0.960 (0.784–1.175)0.69242.100.189R
TC vs CC1.183 (0.730–1.917)0.4940.000.923F
TT vs CC1.123 (0.701–1.798)0.6300.000.701R
TT+CT vs CC1.169 (0.995–1.374)0.5860.000.807F
TT vs CT+CC0.931 (0.729–1.189)0.56546.100.173R

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